Are you building a new home and looking for expert floor polishing services for your timber floors?

Renovating your house and looking to breathe new life into your old, worn out timber floor with some polishing?

Are you a flooring novice who doesn’t know anything about floor polishing?

Extreme Timber Flooring is here at your rescue! Our floor polishing specialists have rich experience spanning many years in polishing and restoring all types of timber floors.

Why do I need to get my floors polished?

Timber or wooden floors, like any other material, are vulnerable to wear and tear. It is a no-brainer that floors which have been regularly maintained, sanded and polished will last longer than floors which have not been tended to in ages! It is recommended to get your floors professionally sanded and polished at least once every 5 years to prolong their life. Moreover, regular polishing retains the shine of the floor’s surface, keeping them looking good as new.

Benefits of Floor Polishing

  • Suitable for different types of floors including floating timber, hardwood, and even bamboo floors
  • Finish can be customised to your liking – choose from satin, gloss or matte
  • Long lasting restoration of floor colour
  • Removal of stains and scratches from the floor’s surface
  • Deep cleaning of your floorboards – polishing is effective in removing years of built-up dirt and grime
For expert advice and professional floor sanding and polishing, call Extreme Timber Flooring today and get a free quote.